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Refusing to be 44

This summer it dawned on me that I was 44, premenopausal, couldn’t really have more children (two legged) and that I was overweight. In my mind I was still 32, but I surely didn’t look like it. I would stand in the checkout looking at stupid magazines, and would see gals older than me—I comforted myself knowing that Jennifer Aniston is older than me—and I told myself that I am not going down without a fight. I would make excuses for myself before—those people are famous with tons of money, they can afford skinny food and trainers. Like I said, excuses. There are plenty of people in shape, healthy and thin that are not on the cover of People that are my age.


I decided that I needed to change some things. When I was in New Hampshire teaching out of my good friend Brenda Ladd’s amazing farm, I talked to her about it. Brenda is not much bigger than my three year old son; however, she wasn’t always like that. She lost 30 lbs on a product called Dynamite 180—180 stands for making a 180 in your life.


I did the HCG once before and put the weight right back on, and I tried the 180 before without only a bit of success. After we talked about it, I decided I would do it “as a jump start.” I was only going to do ONE bottle. I went on it and, of course, had to change my eating and drinking habits. No more carbs, dairy and limited vino. I started feeling better very soon and the weight started coming off really quickly—in the beginning sometimes up to almost two pounds a day. Of course, that gave me more momentum and I didn’t feel so bad not having that glass of wine every night or cheese and crackers. After a couple of weeks, I didn’t even want it anymore.


As I started losing the weight, I felt better and started wanting to exercise more. Brenda also told me that it was really important to take the vitamins—the Tri Mins and DM Plus as well as the NTM salt. I did, even though I thought that they were a bit pricey. They made a huge difference. What had happened before when I did the 180, was that was all that I did, no vitamins. Without the vitamins I had cravings that I gave into. The vitamins were giving my body what it needed so I didn’t have the cravings. In addition to the vitamins, I drank a ton of water and took magnesium. This helped my body flush out all of the bad stuff. I also took chromium which helped my cravings in the beginning—after I was completely detoxed from the drops, I didn’t need it anymore. I also took adrenal support because in the beginning I was getting really dizzy.


I have now lost over 40 lbs. I actually cannot believe it—and I did it in two months. People say that is too quick to lose weight, and cannot believe it. I did not do it by starving myself—in fact, I NEVER counted calories. I just made sure I ate enough protein, and I ate a ton of vegetables and eggs for breakfast. I would take the drops 15 minutes before each meal and they would tell my body to burn fat. That is how the weight came off so fast. The drops also kill your hunger and are a mood enhancer. They also reset your hyperthalamus which regulates your metabolism—they tell it that you are younger, LOL, and you can burn more!


I am now getting off the protocol since I actually lost more than expected. As I come off and start slowly adding new foods, I can tell by the scale the next day what causes “inflammation.” I have found that bread is my worst enemy; however, I can just about tolerate everything else in moderation. I could not do this before because my metabolism had slowed down so much.


The other upside is that it has regulated my menstrual cycles which had basically stopped. Now I am regular again and feel so much better. My hot flashes are gone.


I started an app called “Coach Potatoe to 4K” and am now in week 3. I used to hate running, but now look forward to it. I am wearing a size 6—I was a 13.


If you feel like I did at all, I urge you to try this diet. I will help you like Brenda helped me. She helped me with menu ideas, things to do when I am traveling, and strategies to stay on target.


Here is my link—I urge you to do the 180 starter pack and the NTM salt. I ended up getting 3 bottles of the drops, but just start with one. The vitamins will last a long time.  (on the right hand side click to the “human” navigation bar. A drop down menu will appear. DM plus and Tri Mins- they are in the 180 starter pack)


So in the spirit of weight loss, I am now going to do a “protocol” recipe. I am going to try to do one for each installment of my blog. Believe me, this recipe is sooo good and EASY, you won’t miss the rice or cheese!!!


Kelly’s Stuffed Peppers

Serves 4

4 bell peppers
1 jar of good salsa
1 lb of ground lamb

Preheat the oven to 350

Cut the tops off of the bellpeppers and steam them. I use one of those steamer origami things with a little water at the bottom of the pot, covered. I have never really timed them, but I do them for about 8-10 minutes. You don’t want to cook them to death, they still need to be green!

In another pan, cook up the lamb. Once cooked, add the salsa. That’s it.

Once it’s all cooked, stuff the peppers and pop them in a glass pyrex dish. Pop them in the oven for 20 minutes or so. Really just to your liking. I like mine really cooked, so I might even go a few minutes longer.

These are so good and easy. Everyone loves them. Don’t replace with beef—the lamb is what makes them. You could try venison or buffalo or something. The steamed peppers much such a huge difference. Have with a big green salad. My personal dressing protocol fave is Dijon mustard mixed with balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs. Of course, don’t forget to add NTM salt to taste on your salad and peppers…yummmmmm

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