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Empowering students to be well-rounded horsemen.

What is a horseman? And why would you want to become one? Simply put a horseman understands horses. Why horses do what they do, react the way they react, and how to work with each individual horse and know what that horse needs at that moment. A horseman is much more than just a rider.

As a Natural Horsemanship Professional I help my students, young and old, lay a strong foundation for their horse. I help you develop a connection, a relationship with your horse that will lead to better performance. And I don’t mean just in the competition arena.


Because to be effective with your horse it is important to get inside their head. To learn their psychology—so you can read them and know what they need. I don’t teach how to do things mechanically, I want you to learn how to feel when to do things. I also give you practical tools, such as Emergency Preparation and Spooking programs so you can feel confident to take care of your partner in any situation.

And of course a good foundation includes riding, and this is where Rider Biomechanics comes into play. The better your seat and posture is, the better your horse can move and perform. Rider Biomechanics also enables your horse to stay sound longer. Biomechanics of the horse, shows you how to correctly develop a horse physically, so that they are sound and ready for any discipline—whether it be Dressage, Jumping or even a Western performance disciple.

I remember when I was Eventing and doing really well—but I wasn’ta horseman. I loved my horse, but I had goals in my sport,

and I basically wanted my horse to comply. If he did not, I didn’t understand about why he didn’t, and this usually ended up in frustration. When that happened, I might as well as pack up and go home. We were done.

Natural Horsemanship taught me to be a horseman. I still competed and did the things I loved with my horse, but I knew how much I could ask of him. I learned how to read him. I could tell when he started becoming unconfident and emotional—and now had the tools to help him through that.

He was so much happier and that meant we had a better relationship. As a consequence, we did perform better. He was jumping out of confidence and relaxation, so he wasn’t rushing anymore. I wasn’t fighting him. The same in the Dressage arena —our warm-up was calm. Being relaxed in the warm-up helped him go into the ring confidently and he could perform his best!

Aiken South Carolina Natural Horsemanship


The Rider Biomechanics Clinic was everything I hoped for and more—boosting my confidence and skills tremendously. Mocha and I bonded extremely well and his trust level increased tremendously, as he did everything I asked of him the first time by the second day. You have no idea how much this session has helped me.

Sid Abrams

It was truly the best clinic I have ever attended. You are wonderful at teaching exactly what the rider needs to know to move forward. And the way you showed us to do the backup will change my effectiveness around horses forever. I have never had so much success with stick to me as in the clinic, because Daisy was already paying much more attention to me after we did that back up.

Susan McCotter Korth & Daisy

As a visual learner it was very helpful for me to see how you handled Amber, as well as all the little tidbits, like not getting the string wrapped around the carrot stick! Amber came home Left-Brained, confident, and happy and has been much more friendly. Off to practice.

Lee Paradis