Kelly Sigler

Horse in Training Information Sheet

Horse in Training To be filled out by owner prior to delivering horse for Training

(Owner is responsible for payment)
(you provide)
(all worming meds and exam costs are paid by the owner)
The owner is responsible for the payment.

Please note!

When bringing your horse to LGF for training, please bring:

  • enough feed to switch over if you would like them on Coolstance.
  • bridle, halter, lead, saddle, pads, winter blankets, fly sheets, fly spray, coat and mane/tail spray.
    Please bring a saddle stand for your saddle.

We feed Coolstance, Daily essentials by Smart Pac, free choice salt in feeders, and high quality coastal hay. If you would like for you horse to have anything else, you must provide it. Please clearly mark any supplements with your horse’s name and when to feed them (either breakfast or dinner). We only feed lunch and dinner. If you would like your horse to have lunch, it is an additional $150 per month.


The horses all have run in sheds in their paddocks. If you would like for you horse to have a stall, it is an additional $250 per month. Shavings are included. Stall space is limited.

Tack Cleaning

Owner is responsible for cleaning their tack every week. If they do not,  GF will do it for $20 per week. We do not launder winter blankets.

Field trips

I often take the horses to Hitchcock, shows and obstacles courses. There will be a $25 transport fee for local trips. In addition, any facility fee is the responsibility of the owner (ex: cow facility fee is $40). Owners will be responsible for any show entries and fees which vary.

Owners are highly encouraged to take at least one weekly lesson. Lessons are $75. If you buy a month at a time in cash, they are $50 each.