Kelly Sigler

Master Buckley – Part 4

Now that Buckley had found his confidence, things started rapidly changing for him.  He started flying through the levels.  He was less spooky- if spooky at all.  He knew that we were a team and he had his responsibility on that team.  He knew that I always had his back.

Our days were long.  We would start before 5 and not end until after 6.  Not only were we in intense training with Pat, but we also had to help with all of the chores around the ranch.  Me and my other classmates would take out saddle horses to clear trails and round up cattle.  We also had 10 plus horses to work with per day and do progress reports for.

Buckley, though, was always there for me.  I believe this is where our relationship really solidified.  Not many people have an opportunity to spend that much time with their horse for such an extended period of time.  It got to the point that he could read my mind.

By the end of the summer, we were awarded our level 3 at the Savvy Conference….from sub level 1 to 3 in just three months.  I couldn’t believe it- and I couldn’t believe the amazing relationship that I had with this horse.

As we closed down Colorado, we headed to the Florida Campus.  George was now recovered.  With George, Buckley and Maggie in tow, we headed East.

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