Kelly Sigler

Meet the team!

I couldn’t run Looking Glass Farm all by myself….meet my partners!

Tay Harriett

Tay Harriett’s extensive knowledge of horsemanship was acquired through more than 15 years in the equine industry. During this time, he capitalized on opportunities to learn from top-ranked professionals including chef D’equipes, Olympic selectors, Spanish Riding School bareiters, FEI athletes, accomplished judges, and national champions. Additionally, Tay had the privilege to apprentice at a dressage sport horse training and breeding facility in Münster, Germany. A lifelong student who actively embraces every opportunity to further his expertise through clinics, workshops, and other educational experiences, Tay believes that horses are, in fact, the BEST teachers, and that through patience, diligence, and consistency, every rider can advance his or her level of horsemanship.

Tay’s passion for teaching is complemented by his commitment both to the horse and to the preservation of safe, effective, and correct classical riding. Horses and riders of ALL disciplines have benefited from his impressive background in classical dressage, sports biomechanics, and proprioception. Through a sensible, integrated approach, Tay strives to cultivate training sessions that are fun, informative, and built on a solid dressage foundation. In addition to his riding and teaching endeavors, Tay is trained in multiple methods of equine massage and acupressure, and maintains a considerable client list of equine athletes requiring his expertise in these and other bodywork and healing modalities.


Buckley is my Sr Saddle Horse, Mr. Been there Done That, and is still going strong at 28!  I met him when he was 6 years old.  He came to me as a runaway that “looked for things to spook at.”  When my horse George injured his leg, Buckley stepped in to fill his shoes so I could completely my level 3 in Parelli.  We did it in less than 4 months together.  Buckley and I went on tour with Parelli for years, he has helped me with 100s of clinics, and he still puts in 3-4 days a week by either ponying and training the youngsters or giving lessons.


Maggie is my 18 year old Swedish Warmblood mare that also came to me as a problem child at 2.  When in doubt, she would rear and strike.  She is the only horse that I ever met that sat down so she did not have to go into the trailer.  Needless to say, she has taught me so much!  Maggie LOVES to jump online, liberty, stadium and cross country.


Pendragon is a 9 year old Oldenburg gelding imported from Germany. He came into training with Kelly last Fall, and Kelly fell in love with him! He is now a permanent resident of the farm, and he and Kelly are working towards their Gold USDF medal!


1 year old baby Cane Corso Mastiff who is training up to be the guardian of the farm…we lost Tiber a few months ago.  Atticus has some big shoes to fill!  We adopted him from Sandy Paws, a rescue in Martha’s Vineyard. He destroyed someone’s living room and the rest is history!  He will be here with us forever 🙂

Ellie May

Ellie May is my 3 year old Irish Jack Russell.  She is the official greeter at the farm.

She still has some big shoes to fill after the passing of Scout, my Jack Russell that was infamous and lived with me for almost 10 years.  Ellie May is the antithesis of Scout.  She is always happy, sort of listens, loves everyone, and has zero kill drive.  Scout, on the other hand, was a serial killer who intentionally did not listen.  I spent many hours talking Scout of trouble after she killed something she wasn’t supposed to.  She was my constant companion- she only had eyes for me.


Queso is a pot bellied pig that defected from the neighboring farm and took asylum at Looking Glass Farm two years ago.

Queso’s main role at the farm is to help training horses get used to fat, slow moving creatures (which in general, horses hate!)

On her off time she enjoys basking in the shade with Patriot and playing in puddles.

Javier & the Chickens

Javier is our attack Rooster. Javier takes care of the hens, and manages the bug population.

The chickens actually work hard- one thing everyone notices on the farm are there are few bugs!  The chickens are always hard at work on bug patrol!

Fluffy and Omega

Fluffy and Omega are my two cats that were supposed to live in the barn and kill mice.  Fluffy lasted six months.  Omega 24 hours.  They live in the house now and are completely useless.