Kelly Sigler

My Training Program

Camp Kelly for Horses

Camp Kelly focuses on foundation training for ponies, horses and wayward mares out of our little boarding school at Looking Glass Farm.

Frequent Parent Questions:

What will my horse learn?

First, we focus on everyone learning their ground manners.  As Pat told me once, you must teach them to be good citizens first.

Brief Curriculum Overview:

All Campers will learn:

  • to respect the human’s space (i.e. not smush people or run over them for fun or out of fear).  Therefore, they will learn to lead safely, back out of the handler’s space and be respectful during turnout.
  • learn to “catch” the human.  This avoids hours of begging, chasing and then more begging to get your horse to come to you.
  • Basics online: backing, moving the shoulders over and hindquarters so handler can easily gain control or horse. Circling, sending to obstacles to help horse’s confidence.

Pony Pre K:

Pony Pre K is for baby horses (1 plus) that know almost zero.  They learn all of the above, as well as how to pick up their feet, behave for the farrier and vet, tie, load nicely in the trailer, clipping prep, begin pre-saddle prep including cinch placement, learning to pony from a saddle horse, long lining and accepting the bit.  All Pre K Campers go on field trips to get confident with new places.  We travel to obstacles courses, trails and visit shows to see how the big ponies do it.

Kelly Kindergarten

All Kelly Kindergarten Campers are horses ready to be backed. These horses are 2 plus. They do ALL of the above as well as: accepting the rider as a friend and leader, learn stand at the mounting block and not go forward until you ask.  They will also learn to turn, walk/trot/canter/ trail ride, basic arena work. I do require that they have a vet’s permission to be started.

Foundation Training

Every horse needs a foundation for whatever they do- that includes trail riding, eventing, dressage, driving and every discipline under the sun. 

A horse that has a good foundation knows the difference between what is pressure and what is not.  They respond appropriately to pressure without reacting and blowing up, which can be very dangerous!

They are solid citizens.  They load, tie, can be ridden on a loose rein, go on a trial ride, and have three nice gaits.  They are a safe ride.

This is absolutely what you need before you put the dressage or any other icing on.

Difficult Dudes and Wayward Mare Program

Kelly often gets the calls,
“your my last ditch efforts, if you cannot fix him, then he/she will just live in the pasture forever.”
Or: “my horse is trying to kill me”

These are horses that have been pretty messed up one way or the other.  I take these horses after a weekend evaluation to see if I am the right person to help them.  If I am not, I have a network of trainers that can. 

Other Common Questions:

Will you let me know how my little one is doing?
Of course- I send weekly videos, pictures, and often your little one is the star on my facebook page that day.  Some of my training horses literally develop their own followings on facebook- Finn the Friesian is particularly popular at the moment!

Can I come and visit?
Absolutely!  I have a barn apartment for visiting parents. All parents are highly encouraged to get train with me and your horse together so that you will  have a great partnership!

How much is tuition?
Full Tuition which includes at least 5 sessions a week, two meals a day, lunch hay and snack is $1300.  Coolstance feed, free choice minerals, and high quality coastal are fed. If parents have special requirements, they are more than welcome to send them with different feed and hay.  Bedding for stalls is not included.  Kelly is happy to pick up anything at the Pony Grocery Store in town- it just must be prepaid J  I will also send you a school supply list that every horse needs to bring- equipment, a bag of treats to share with their friends.  Parents are also required to visit and take lessons. It is crucial that you are involved in the process so you can see the How and Why and develop the skill set when your camper goes home!

Great!  When can I send them?
Currently, there is a waiting list.  I have no openings until October.  I am usually booked up months ahead of time, so please reserve your spot by contacting me.  I will send you my contract and will need a $150 deposit to hold your pony’s place.  Please note that all Campers must attend for a minimum of 60 days.  The reason for this is that, in the first month I can diagnose or start a program with the horse.  The second month is when new behaviors really start to take hold.  It takes a minimum of 20-25 sessions to create a new habit in a horse as well as a human. 🙂

Specialized Training


Once your horse’s foundation is firmly in place, I also offer jumping training.  I will teach your horse to become confident with jumping and teach them to “hunt the jump.”  This is first taught online, then under saddle and finally at liberty (no strings attached in a round pen as well as in a big open space!)

Obstacle Training

After the foundation, we can start making it more fun by adding obstacles.  Horses will learn to navigate water, ditches, banks, tarps, cowboy curtains, stepping on and over things, and an introduction to cows. They will also meet bikes, carriages, pigs, donkeys and other horse eating monsters that will soon become their best friends!

This course will prepare them to be a solid trail horse as well as a horse ready for obstacle challenges in the show ring.

Good Citizen Training for Dressage and Eventing horses

In this training, I focus on developing a calm, confident horse that can handle whatever the show ring throws at him.  We also work on trailer loading to make sure your horse is calm and cool when you get there!  They will also learn to tie well, so you don’t have to worry at the show about that, either.

They also learn to pick you up at the mounting block (nobody will need to hold your horse!).  They will stand until you are ready to go forward.  Under saddle, they will be calm and forward and ready to do their job.