Kelly Sigler

Training for You

I offer training at my farm or at yours.  I travel locally throughout the Aiken, Lexington, and Columbia area.  I travel to Georgia weekly to help students in that area, as well.

What can I help you with?

Confidence in yourself as well as confidence for your horse.

I love to help clients with their young horses. My focus is to teach them basic ground manners so they are set up for anything that they might encounter- trailering, the vet, the farrier, and riding. 

I also specialize in difficult horses. If you have a situation that has frustrated you, or even damaged your confidence with your horse, I can help you on the ground- and in the saddle- restore the balance.

What if I have never done groundwork- I have only had traditional riding lessons?

It is important that you have rapport and respect on the ground with your horse.  This transfers into the saddle.  If you have never had experience with groundwork and it feels awkward handling the rope and stick, I know how you feel.  I was there, too, and I understand and am willing to take the time it takes with any student and horse.  I can promise you, it makes a huge difference!  On the ground, you not only will gain respect from your horse, but you will learn how to read them. 

What does it mean to read a horse?

When I started with Natural Horsemanship, I remember the first time I saw a horse “ask a question.”  He looked at his human with bright eyes, ears forward….asking them- what next?  I was fascinated, but also felt horrible because my horse had never asked me a question.  If he had, I hadn’t caught it…  I could never read the subtle signs before when he was nervous or confident by looking at his eye, his mouth…as well as the rest of his body.  After learning to read them- their body language, I could tell when I needed to do what- and when to release.  This is so important. It might sound a bit mystical at first, but it makes such a huge difference.  Everyone can learn to do this, and it will not only improve your understanding of your horse, but also help you learn when your horse is ready to ride or not- which keeps you safe!  Many of my students are adults.  They have families and jobs. They cannot risk getting hurt.  For them to be able to see the “green lights” and know when it is safe for them to get on is a big deal.  You don’t need a trainer constantly by your side to tell you- you can do this on your own.

Do you just do groundwork?

There is a common myth that “natural horseman” only can help students on the ground.  This is simply not true- particularly in my case.

I came to natural horsemanship because I had a problem loading my horse- not for riding.  Riding was always my strength, and I still love to help people with their riding whether it be on the trail or in the ring.  After my certification with Parelli, I went on to become an Instructor of Rider Biomechanics and most recently, yoga!  As I travel to Portugal and Spain twice a year, I have begun studying with masters in Dressage and Working Equitation.  I love to bring what I learn in these fields to my students, as well…. I believe that you should never stop learning.  I also believe that the better you feel about yourself and your body the more confident you will be in the saddle.

I do not box myself in one discipline.  I grew up in Texas and still love working with cows.  I think to keep yourself and your horse in the game, you need to cross train.  My horses will work a cow then go on a trail ride, then pop over some jumps.  They don’t live in an arena or one discipline.  They are happier and more well rounded, and they stay engaged.  One of my mentors told me once that you must always open your envelope and your horse’s envelope a little bit everyday….this has always stuck with me.

So where do you start?

Lessons at Looking Glass Farm

$75  Private
$55 Semi private
$85 off property (20 miles radius- if more, I will calculate fuel cost)

I also offer workshop and clinics.  Price dependent on group size.  My preferred format is a small group in the morning and then private or semi private lessons in the afternoon.  I like teaching smaller groups- max 6.  I want everyone to get the full value of the instruction.

Clinic or workshop content:

Natural Horsemanship, Rider Biomechanics, Yoga and Riding, Intro to Working Equitation,  Intro to Cow Work, Confidence on the Trails, Young horses.


Cell: 803-522-4395