Kelly Sigler

Working Equitation and Menorcan Demo Day!

2021 November 20.

Morning Session:

Ride a Working Equitation Dressage Test with Alison Head as your Judge and Coach! Alison will give you positive feedback to improve your score!

Ride the Working Equitation Course:

Kelly Sigler Patterson will demonstrate and help coach everyone on how to best present your horse with each obstacle so that they are confident and ready to go.

Cost for Morning: $85

12:30 Menorcan BBQ and Paella Lunch! $20 per person
2:00 Meet Zar, the only Menorcan Horse in America! Maite Bonet, from Menorca and principle rider at the Son Mallortet Stud, will do a demo on Menorcan Dressage. FREE!

Limited overnight stabling $25 per night

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