Kelly Sigler

Working Equitation Schooling/practice show
at The Vista, Aiken SC

Dec 9 - Practice session • Dec 10 - Schooling show

For each level below, a rider may enter Dressage only,  Ease of Handling only, or a combined full division.  Speed will only be offered for the full Novice B and Intermediate Divisions.  Divisions are determined by the WE Dressage test offered (see for info on levels, tests, rules etc.).

Required paper work:

• Negative coggins within one year of date of show for each horse
• Waiver forms for The Vista and Looking Glass Farm/Kelly Sigler Patterson signed and returned before mounting.

Other rules:

• All rules of The Vista apply and riders may only use designated areas (dressage and obstacles).
• ASTM approved helmets required.
• Dogs MUST be leashed and controlled

Divisions pinned:

• Dressage only (all levels combined)
• EOH only (all levels combined)
• Intro Division
• Novice A Division
• Novice B Division
• Intermediate Division (Intermediate A dressage test)


Dressage Test of choice – $45
(specify WE test to be ridden)

EOH only – $45
(Intro or Novice)

Intro Division – $90
(Dressage and EOH)

Novice A Division – $90
(Dressage and EOH)

Novice B Division –  $100
(Dressage, EOH and speed)

Intermediate Division – $100
(Dressage, EOH and speed)


Fill out the Registration form

On December the 9th we will have
a Schooling Day.

Location: The Vista, Aiken, SC
Cost: $85 for first horse and $45 there after
Includes access to the obstacles that we will use at the show the following day.  Alison Head and myself will be there to supervise.


Please bring Coogins with you!!!

December 10th, Saturday.
Schooling Show


Arrange the Payment

Click on the button, and finish the payment of the selected event on Venmo website.

or can send a check to : Kelly Sigler Patterson, 289 Daytona Road, Wagener, SC 29164

Fill out and send the LIABILITY RELEASE FORM

Click on the button, and download the LIABILITY RELEASE FORM! Fill out and sign, and please send me by email or mail!