Kelly Sigler

Workshop Series

July 9th

#1  Confidence and Connection on the Ground

July 9thLearn how to create confidence in your horse and yourself on the ground.  We will cover- or review for some- the basics of ground work online first, then apply it to obstacles.  This workshop will also help those that feel like they are “boring” on the ground and need some more tools to keep their ground sessions interesting for their horses.

July 23

#2 Confidence and Connection on the Ground- No strings attached!

This workshop will show you the basics to doing liberty with your horse.  You will learn how to do the groundwork that you did online in the first workshop with NO lines.  We will not just be “round penning” and circling our horses around- you learn the different zones of the horse and how to affect them.  You will learn how to ask them to come to you, yield backwards as well as yield their forequarters and hindquarters.  This workshop will also cover how to go over obstacles!

August 6

#3 Confidence and Connection in the Saddle

Learn how to transfer your confidence on the ground to the saddle. 

Know what to look for to make sure that your horse is safe to ride and WHAT to do if they are not.  When you are on board, what to do to make sure your horse is calm and connected to you.  We will then learn how to keep our horses mentally engaged by working on patterns in the arena as well as obstacles. 

Cost: $150 for each workshop or $425 for all three!

Stabling available: $25 per day per horse.  Includes small paddock with shelter or stall.

Hookups: $25 per night

Tiny House: $75 per night depending on availability.

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